March 2020

After its international premiere at Berlinale Forum Expanded 2020, APIYEMIYEKÎ? had its Spanish debut at Punto de Vista where it won the festival's highest accolade, Grand Prize for Best Film (ex-aequo with “Un film dramatique” by Eric Baudelaire.) 

In jury's words: “A haunting and insightfully lyrical film that invents a new language of superimposition to follow the work of a human rights activist uncovering the dark and still ongoing history of genocidal crimes against indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazonia. “Apiyemiyekî?” by Ana Vaz is given the Gran Premio Punto de Vista a la Mejor Película in recognition of its impressive meditation on the fragile power of collective memory and the urgent need for social justice. We thank Ana Vaz for teaching us how to read the untold and repressed histories written into the landscape."

January 2020

The new film by Ana Vaz, APIYEMIYEKÎ?, has its world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR, in Ammodo Tiger Short Competition

An archive of drawings made by the Waimiri-Atroari during their first literacy experience build a collective visual memory from their learning process, perspective and territory while documenting their encounter with “civilised man”.

December 2019

Shallow Water Blackout (Den veganske tannbørsten) has its festival premiere at Tromsø International Film Festival 2020

A short film by Trygve Luktvasslimo, co-produced by Stenar Projects, has been selected for its "Overdrive Section" in "Films from the North" programme.

November 2019

Odyssey wins Best Feature at Istanbul Experimental Film Festival

"The winner of the section is Odyssey for the amazing re-orchestration of the archival sources, the original cinematic dispositif for narration, the cleverness of a critical/political analysis of the images, shifting from the past to the present and future."   
— Paolo Simoni, Head of Jury, about the documentary by Sabine Groenewegen, co-produced by Stenar Projects.

September 2019

Stenar Projects takes part in the panel "Production: sneaking through the cracks" (at On & For Symposium - Kabelvåg) 

How do artists navigate film production processes, especially with larger projects? How do they negotiate with the demands of various kinds of funders, or the different languages they speak (commercial, artistic, academic, etc.)? How do different contexts and structures for production affect the kinds of work being produced in different parts of the world? And how could production be more centred around individual artistic practices? With Dora García, Katja Eyde Jacobsen, Olivier Marboeuf and Anže Peršin.

Photo by Jona Kleinlein

May 2019

Odyssey wins DAFilms - DocAlliance online channel Selection Award 2019 (at Festival de Cannes)

Odyssey, a documentary by Sabine Groenewegen, co-produced by Stenar Projects, wins DAFilms - DocAlliance online channel Selection Award 2019 at Festival de Cannes. The award is traditionally presented by seven key European festivals. Odyssey was nominated by doclisboa after the world premiere at the last year festival edition.

September 2018

Sunstone wins at MIEFF and at 25fps

Sunstone, a film by Filipa César and Louis Henderson, co-produced by Stenar Projects, receives Kodak Motion Picture Film prize at Moscow International Experimental Film Festival and Critics Jury Award at 25fps in Zagreb, both on 30th of September.

January 2018

Stenar Projects takes part in "Funding and producing artists’ films" (at Sad Disco Fantasia - Kunsthall Olso)
An open discussion on artists’ film production and funding, with Anže Peršin, moderated by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen and Mike Sperlinger. What kinds of structures or support – whether formal or informal, financial or critical – are most needed in Norway to support artists’ film production? Building on recent discussions at Kunstnernes Hus and Nordland kunst og filmfagskole to explore some of the possibilities in an Oslo context.


March 2017

No Trace of Accelerator nomination at CPH:DOX  

Emily Wardill's film No Trace of Accelerator, produced by Stenar Projects, is nominated for the NEW:VISION award at CPH:DOX 2017 film festival in Copenhagen.